10 Tips for creating a presentation like a pro

Presentation is like story telling pen it down before you start. Plan it out, jot it down just like a story have a beginning and an ending with a grasping plot in between. A good presentation should control the audience attention it should reel them in, keep them hooked up and leave them with a good conclusion.

Here are 10 tips which should help you keep your presentation interesting. Your  tips for creating a presentation like a pro-

  1. Time it out: When did you last had fun listening to a 30+ minutes presentation?
    If you think your topic needs more than 30 minutes. Re-think. Brainstorm.
    Keep it short and simple. Attention span of people is small your presentation should be smaller.
  2. Choice of font can make it or break it: Choose the font wisely. Decorative fonts might work for titles or headers that too only if they are easily readable. Use easy to read fonts rather then the fancy ones.
    Size your font according to venue. Remember you are designing for the farthest sitting audience.
  3. Less Text on screen: Not only does lesser text on screen gives you space to keep it large enough to be readable. It makes you think what you want to focus that slide on.
    You want people to listen to you while you present and not read the slides.
  4. Graphics – neither too much not too less: While all text can be boring, a lot of graphs or charts can also clutter your screen and make it difficult for people to digest.
    The idea is to have the images which strike a good harmony with the theme and can grasp the audience attention.
    And strict no to clip arts everyone has seen them. Use good quality graphics.
  5. Consistent Theme: The overall presentation should look consistent with one colour scheme and one theme.
    You can use templates to get consistent look and feel but don’t use powerpoint templates as is everyone has seen them and it makes them boring.
  6. Don’t forget Spell Check: Last thing you want is to have spelling mistakes in your presentation spotted by the audience and lose all sincerity. Run a spell check.
  7. Think beyond the defaults: Default settings are monotonous for everyone. Choose your custom settings the colour theme, headers, footers, fonts style. Be creative. Play with colours. Don’t follow others discover your own style.
  8. Alignment adds beauty: Keeping the shapes and texts aligned gives a elegant feel to the presentation.
    Keep the texts right or left aligned, centre alignment generally doesn’t go well.
  9. One thing at a time:  Be clear about the focus of each slide. Don’t clutter a slide with multiple ideas. Keep them on separate slides. One BIG message per slide.
  10. Inspiration: Take inspiration from sources like Slideshare. Google Best presentations

Bring in the creativity and let your ideas flow freely but most important part is to make the audience think, keep them involved in the process.

“Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.” -Shiv Khera, You can win

Creating a great presentation is only job half done. It still needs to be presented in a manner that it captures the audience. Follow “8 Tips on delivering a presentation like a pro.” to be a better presenter.

“Happy Presenting”


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