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14 Google Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

1. Google Ngram Viewer Google’s Ngram Viewer lets you search keywords in millions of books over the span of half a millennium, a useful tool for finding trends over time. For power users, the Ngram Viewer also has advanced...

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Trident Iceni: World’s ‘fastest diesel sportscar’

British sportscar company, Trident has announced the launch of the Trident Iceni. The Iceni is claimed to be the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sportscar. Price: £95,000.00 Specifications: In Standard Specification the Trident Iceni is equipped...


Best Free WooCommerce Plugins

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 1:  Tax Rate Upload plugin In the past, setting up sales tax rates for the state in which you do business was a major pain.  It was a huge time waster and the source of...