8 Tips on delivering a presentation like a pro

In another post here, we gave some tips about creating a presentation like a pro. While a good presentation created is half job done. It is equally important for you to deliver it in the most innovative way. I have seen well made presentations spoiled in the last minute and I have seen some average slides presented like a champion. Here are a few tips on delivering a presentation like a pro.

All you have to do is follow a few guidelines or may be not to follow any guidelines. Read ahead to know how-

  1. Show up early – Equipment check to avoid last minute hick ups.
  2. Keep backups – It is an era of cloud storage and smart phones. Keep multiple copies of backup just to be safe in case of USB stick gone missing or hardware failure.
  3. Colour/Resolution check on actual hardware:  A lot of times there are issues with the resolution of the projector or the colour displays not showing proper colours. This can ruin your hardwork. So be sure to test your presentation on the actual hardware where you are going to present.
  4. Don’t read the text – Your presentation is only small part of the story. Most people won’t listen they will read. So make sure you speak up interesting content out and keep the audience involved. Don’t put everything on the slides.
    Also don’t turn your back at the audience. Best way to keep them interested is to make eye contact.
  5. Keep it timed – Attention span of human beings is small and they tend to lose interest in an average of 18-20 mins. This is what you have to reel them into the plot of your presentation.
  6. Monitor the audience – Sometimes you have to be spontaneous or atleast show it that it is spontaneous by being prepared for a scenario where audience is loosing interest. Bring up something which can grasp the audience attention.
    Use the “B” key. It turns your presentation blank and you can have all the attention you need then just make it count and once you have it press “B” again to return to your sides.
  7. Be courteous – Encourage the audience to ask questions. Appreciate their queries, repeat it for the complete audience and then answer.
  8. Don’t hesitate to break the rules – Sometimes you can forget all the rules and be creative. Go beyond the regular slide show and stun the audience like this guy did.
  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHkhGEAlP28

    Presentation is an art and you shouldn’t always play by the rules. Be innovative.


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