About Me

Hello! I am Vaibhav Jain. Software engineer by profession and a geek and an entrepreneur at heart.

I work at Mobileiron, Hyderabad (previously Symantec, Pune). I like travelling, learning new things, coding, researching startups, brainstorming on ideas, playing console games.

Anything technology excites me. I’m into EDM and trance, cars and gizmos.

I’ve started this site to post and blog about anything and everything I like.

I want to streamline and scale Big Corporations, and at the same time empower and create startups. I have a keen interest in building API’s, analytics, innovation and Design. Recently I have also developed an affinity towards automating everything online and offline, getting ahead of the customers and needs in the untapped verticals.

Favorite Quote: ” Work Hard, Party Harder! ”

Here’s my resume-resume_Vaibhav Jain


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