AppAdda Review : Bringing Digital Content Offline

appadda logoA few days back a friend introduced me to AppAdda and the idea intrigued me. As I researched further, i was blown way by the problem it solves and the applications that this technology enables.

There is content and there is the demand. But all dependent on the currency called Internet . For many markets, where mobility is leading changes in lifestyles and consumer tastes, internet hampers free access to content, be it any form.

AppAdda by WinJit Technologies– A software development and consulting Services Company, is a revolutionary content distribution technology that sorts the challenge of content discovery and sale that is based solely on data or internet.

Although there are similar apps and technologies already available- Star has Hotstar, Zee is working on one, In-flights entertainment systems; Winjit’s AppAdda ‘Platform’ is a notch higher, virtually putting endless possibilities at the hands of a developer.

AppAdda is currently being targeted as a retail outlet based app store which allows retailers to sell mobile applications and content like movies and music, with purchases being made via coupons. They have successfully run a pilot in India and a pilot in South Africa for SA Taxi services.

Features and Design – 9/10

App Adda is a whole new technology consisting of a portable device and an app that allows digital content providers to distribute their content at high speeds using Wifi. The content comes pre-installed in the box as per the retailers choice. AppAdda casts a Wifi signal which anyone can join.

‘AppAdda’ the App is beautifully designed to work as a standalone app store. You can download apps, movies, TV shows or music. The downloaded apps are seamlessly installed on your device with no difference whatsoever from a regular download. It is intuitive, free to use, offers in-app purchases, data streaming at a fraction of cost of mobile internet, and definitely more reliable.

The only thing i’m not sure of is how well the market will take to the “Redeem Coupon” system. Time will tell!

Content – 9/10

I hear AppAdda has tie up’s/ licensing deals with Sony and several other major players for TV shows, movies and music. Several business, productivity, social, gaming, education, and music apps including Winjit’s stellar portfolio is available for download. For some reason, even with all these bells and whistles, the app looks like its lacking something.

The ability to customize the content as per the clients requirements or as per the demand in any given vertical makes me want to rate the app 10 on 10 in the content department.

All the content is licensed, encrypted and provided to the end user at fraction of the cost. Thus also beating piracy issue in the process. Storage can be bumped up at anytime.

Applications / UseCases – 11/10

List of Applications where this technology can be leveraged is huge. It provides access to digital content in remote areas with slow or no internet access; while travelling in planes, trains and even cars, Public places like malls and parks, restaurants and coffee shops; big corporate offices with tons of footfalls; electronic stores, retailers, etc etc.

In addition to entertainment, AppAdda enables you to reduce your downtime. High speed connectivity to data that you need without the Internet. Say you walk into a huge mall, wouldn’t a mall app or map help you in navigation? Different stores can have their apps for you to quickly check offers or send push notifications.  You can stream content while you’re bored trying to get home in a taxi. Corporate offices can have these boxes installed for employees to read books from a digital library, download necessary software etc.

Performance – 8/10

I have not tested this but I really doubt that performance can be a deal breaker for AppAdda as long as maximum number of user connections are kept limited. Specifications say that a user can download or stream content at speeds upto 150 MB/sec. An MP4 movie in 2-3 secs? I’m sold!

Final Verdict – 9/10

AppAdda is a two-fold idea where on one hand, it taps into Offline Storage and Wifi for sharing data, which can be spread using minimal marketing and word of mouth. On the other hand, on-demand content, where AppAdda can also undercut services 3G, 4G etc by offering a cheaper alternative. This looks like a win-win situation for all- the users, the retailer, and the content providers.

AppAdda, currently being an Android only affair, will be a heart breaker for the growing iPhone user base. The team just needs to add some finesse, more content, and ios support to the roadmap and I’m sure AppAdda will come out to be the clear winner!

Kudos to the Team behind AppAdda!


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