Best Free WooCommerce Plugins

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 1: 

Tax Rate Upload plugintax rate upload plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

In the past, setting up sales tax rates for the state in which you do business was a major pain.  It was a huge time waster and the source of much frustration for many eCommerce site owners.  The time it took to gather sales tax information for every zip code and then figure out a way to actually import it took forever.

Thanks to the Tax Rate Upload plugin, importing sales tax rates based on zip code to WooCommerce is a breeze.  The plugin makes it easy to download and import a csv file containing sales tax rates for every zip code based on the state(s) you choose.  In addition, it also enables you to rename the tax rate label so that it’s more intuitive when your customers see it in the Cart and Checkout.  For example, if you charge sales tax on all orders that come from Wisconsin you could rename it to say, “WI Sales Tax”.  As you’ll see in our tutorial video below, it literally takes about five minutes setup sales tax for your eCommerce site with the Tax Rate Upload plugin…

How to use the Tax Rate Upload plugin for WooCommerce tutorial video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 2: 

WooCommerce Get One Freeget one free plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

We’re thankful for the “WooCommerce Get One Free” extension because it enables site owners to run simple yet effective promotions.  This free plugin allows you to determine which product or products qualify for the “Buy 2 get 1 Free” type special.  In addition, you’re able to specify the quantity of the items that must be purchased in order to get the one free product.

For example, you could say, “buy 2 Aaron Rodgers jerseys and get 1 free”.  You could also say, “buy 1 Aaron Rodgers jersey and get 1 free” or “buy 3 and get 1 free” and so on.  So you have the ability to choose the quantity that must be purchased in order to get the free item.  You choose the items that the special offer applies to.  Watch our tutorial video below to learn how the WooComm Get One Free extension works…

WooCommerce Get One Free Plugin Tutorial video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 3:

Shatner Name Your Own Price

name your own price plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

Shatner Name Your Own Price Integration for WooCommerce is definitely one of the most interesting extensions we’ve had the pleasure of testing.  Essentially, this plugin lets site users name their own price for specified items by adding a Name Your Own Price text box to the single product page.  It gives the eCommerce site owner flexibility and is perfect for donations.  It could also be used to gather pricing data for new products to determine what the market is willing to pay.  Watch our video below to see how the Shatner – Name your Own Price plugin works…

Shatner – Name your Own Price extension for WooCommerce tutorial video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 4:

WooCommerce Product Image Flipperproduct image flipper plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Product Image Flipper extension adds a secondary product image on the Shop page that is revealed when hovered over.  It’s a simple plugin that eliminates the need to click through to the single product page to see multiple views of your items.  WooCommerce Product Image Flipperdisplays the first image in your Product Image Gallery when a user mouses over the featured image on all product archives pages.

It’s perfect for sites that sell t-shirts or any type of clothing because you can show the front and back side of the shirt.  However, it’s not limited to clothing sites as there are many types of products that would benefit from this awesome plugin.  Take a few minutes to watch our tutorial on the Product Image Flipper extension…

WooCommerce Product Image Flipper Extension video


Best WooCommerce Plugin number 5:

YITH WooCommerce Wishlistwoocommerce wishlist plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

The WooCom Wishlist extension by YITH adds an “Add to Wish List” button to the product detail pages.  By default, it uses your specific theme style when creating the Add to Wishlist button so that it matches the look and feel of your site.  However, there is the option to use custom CSS.  WooCommerce Wishlistautomatically creates the wishlist page in the WP admin.  When items are sent to the wishlist they are remembered for up to 30 days via the use of cookies for customers not logged into an account.  Wishlist functionality like this used to cost a ton of money but thanks to the fine people at YITH it free.  Watch our video below to learn how to add the Wishlist plugin to your site…

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist extension Tutorial video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 6:

YITH WooCommerce Comparewoocommerce compare products plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Compare extension gives your users an easy and efficient way to compare multiple products side-by-side.  After activating the plugin a “Compare” button is added to the single product page.  You have the ability to change the button text, e.g. change to “Compare Products”.  When the Compare button is clicked the product compare table opens automatically in a lightbox.  You also have control over the fields that show in the product comparison table.  YITH WooCommerce Compare is a highly popular plugin that’s been downloaded over 35,400 times and you can watch our tutorial video on it below…

WooCommerce Compare extension tutorial video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 7:

WooCommerce Empty Cart Buttonempty cart button plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

Create a better user experience with the Empty Cart Button plugin.  Here’s how the plugin works…  Say you have a bunch of items in your shopping cart, having to remove each one individually is downright annoying.  This smart plugin gives your users the option to remove all of the contents of their cart with a single click.  Simply install and activate it to add an “Empty Cart” button to the WooComm Cart page.  Watch our video below to see the WooCommerce Empty Cart Button extension in action…

WooCommerce Empty Cart Button plugin demo Video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 8:

WooCommerce Products Quick Viewwoocommerce products quick view plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

Make it possible for your site users to view full product details without leaving the shop, tag or category pages with the WooCommerce Products Quick View plugin.  This extension for WooComm will make your site visitors feel like they are shopping at a brick and mortar supermarket.  They can view product detail pages without leaving the page that they’re currently on which makes for a much more efficient shopping experience.  So instead of clicking “More Details” and going to the single product page, they can click the “Quick View” button and see all the information in a pop-up.  The plugin works with any WordPress theme and is fully responsive.  The Quick View button displays on mouse over when on the Shop page or product category pages.  Watch our video below to see how this incredible Products Quick View extension for WooComm works…

WooCommerce Products Quick View extension tutorial Video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 9:

WooCommerce Zoom Magnifierwoocommerce zoom magnifier plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

Add zoom effects to your product images with the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier extension.  Simply install/activate it and the plugin adds a zoom effect to your product detail images.  You can even arrange your gallery images into a carousal slider that displays nicely under the featured image.  The plugin settings are user friendly and give you the ability to tailor it to fit your unique eCommerce site.  Zoom magnifier functionality is something that only the major, big money eCommerce sites had not too long ago.  Thankfully, because of WordPress, WooCommerce and the brilliant people at YITH this functionality is freely available.  So take a couple minutes to watch us demo the Zoom Magnifier plugin…

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier extension tutorial video

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 10:

WooCommerce Product Details Customiserwoocommerce product details customiser plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

Gain more control over the appearance of your sites’ single product pages with the WooCommerce Product Details Customiser extension.  This free plugin allows you to show or hide core components of the WooComm product details pages.  Components like the following; tabs, up-sells, product images, related products and more.  Downloaded more than 5,200 times so far, this popular plugin will give you more control of what displays on your single product pages without touching any code.  Watch our tutorial video below to see how the Product Details Customiser extension for WooComm can enhance your eCommerce site…

WooCommerce Product Details Customiser extension video tutorial

Best WooCommerce Plugin number 11:

WooCommerce Checkout Managerwoocommerce checkout manager plugin 11 Amazing Extensions for WooCommerce

We’ve reached the end of our list and it’s no accident that we’ve saved the best for last.  Checkout Manager is an incredibly helpful plugin that allows you to make big customizations to the Checkout page without modifying any PHP code.  If you’ve had a chance to review our popular tutorial on “Customizing the WooCommerce Checkout Page” then you’re really going to appreciate this plugin even more.  The basic version (free) allows you to add up to two custom fields and with the Pro version (paid) you can add up to ten custom fields.  Custom fields appear in the Order Summary, on the Receipt and in the back-end when processing the order.  It’s easy to make Billing Address as well as Shipping Address field required or not required.  In addition, changing field labels and placeholder text is a breeze.  Watch our tutorial videos below to learn how both the Free/Basic version and the ProWooCommerce Checkout Manager work…

WooCommerce Checkout Manger (free version tutorial video)

WooCommerce Checkout Manager Pro (paid version tutorial video)

Do you know of other amazingly helpful plugins that extend WooCommerce?  Can you think of other uses for the unique plugins listed above?  If so, please share them with us in the comments below


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