Best utility mobile apps you shouldn’t miss

Ever forgot to carry your assignments pen drive to the lab? Do you have a hard time maintaining notes and To-Do lists? Difficult to keep record of who spent how much and where on a college trip? Well all these and many other problems have been already solved for you. There are tons of apps in the app stores for Android, iOS and Windows which give you neat solutions to these problems and help you to be smart with the help of computers, Internet and smart phones. Here is a list of Best utility mobile apps that will make you better at managing time and tasks, and help in increasing your productivity.

  1. Dropbox
  2. Evernote
  3. Splitwise
  4. Wunderlist




DROPBOX scores number 1 spot in my list of apps which you must have. It is your storage on the cloud. There are others too Google’s Drive or but dropbox is just that seamless interface and supported on all platforms including your web browser. So even without any additional app being installed. Dropbox allows you to save folders on the cloud storage account.

Very handy for storing your presentations or programming assignments so next time you forget your pen drive. Just open the web browser and have access to all your important data.




Evernote Screenshot





EVERNOTE  is the currently the best note app in the app market place. There are others like Microsoft Note or Google Keep. But Evernote again tops the list of note apps with its easy of use and its in browser support. Its mobile apps are really well designed and are so handy to use you won’t ever be looking for a pen and paper again to take down a quick number, taking dow quick notes, or making a to-do list.





Splitwise Screenshot



SPLITWISE is an app which was actually designed to make your work easier. You have to try this one to believe how much pain this app takes away. It doesn’t only calculate and divide the shares. It gives you easy options to make groups, check/uncheck names of people involved in an expense and who all paid for it. It is a digital pocket record book. And again accessible on web or as an app. I haven’t seen any competitors for this one as it focuses on a very particular problem so I guess this is good enough to trust without comparing to other options.





wunderlist png



WUNDERLIST is an excellent list management app. But it is not just any other to-do list app it is a perfect combination of features to allow you to share lists with specific people. Perfect for for sharing lists with friends.








Apps market is now filled with so many good apps lost in the pool of useless ones. Every app has a segment of users it is most suitable for and then there are others for whom it might be just useful enough. It is difficult to try each and every new app to see if it suits your need. We at iFuccha to do the dirty work to bring to you the best of apps suited just for you.


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