Coursera partners with employers like Google and Snapdeal

Coursera is now connecting its students to big employers and some 500 startups. In the “Specialisation” courses launched on Coursera, the online service partners with universities for course content, it also partners with employers for the end projects called “capstone” which are designed and judged by the likes of Google, SwiftKey, Instagram, SnapDeal, Shazam and various others.

Coursera is slowly and steadily bridging the gap between traditional four year courses in universities and Online learning.

The online learning service that offers massive online open courses or MOOCs, started by partnering with some universities to make some of their courses available online. Gradually while adding on to their portfolio of courses, Coursera launched “Specialisations” program about an year back in January 2014. Under this program students are given a chance to take a suite of courses under a one of the categories like Data Mining, Interaction Design or Business Communication for Career Readiness etc.

Just like the traditional term project at the end of the university course, at the end of a Specialisation, students are required to work on a capstone project. Many of these capstone projects are now designed and judged by some of the biggest employers and some startups. Thus coursera is a step closer to traditional courses and university programs by creating a bridge connecting the students taking these online courses and the employers seeking for talent.
The capstone projects are real world applications of the knowledge gained by the students in Specialisation courses.

As stated on Coursera’s blog
“With the guidance of amazing universities and top industry leaders, Coursera is a place to come and quickly gain the skills to follow a passion or boost your career in any field.”

Currently none of the companies have promised career opportunities directly but there is no reason why they would shy away from hiring the best of talents discovered via these programs. After all they are investing their time in this for nothing but recognising talent.

In the recent pilot program with Google for Mobile Cloud Computing, Google featured the top apps on play store besides giving Nexus tablets to the winners.

While the students are getting a chance to work on real world projects and a chance to actually use their knowledge to build something practical, Companies have now access to huge talent pool from around the world which was otherwise not at their disposal. Overall it is a win-win situation for both parties.
Coursera itself does not provide “Specialisation” courses and certificates for free thus making it a profitable deal for themselves too. The fee for the courses varies considerably and could be somewhere around $200-$500.

Some of the Coursera learner’s stories already say how people have landed in big jobs with help of learnings from coursera. Though Coursera is still far from replacing the traditional college education but by no means can we deny the fact that it is progressing in that direction.

Learning has no limits. So just register at and start learning. 

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