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GUI Testing : WPF Performance Suite

The Windows SDK includes a suite of performance profiling tools for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications called the WPF Performance Suite. The WPF Performance Suite enables you to analyze the run-time behavior of your WPF applications and determine performance optimizations that you can apply. The WPF Performance Suite includes performance profiling tools called Perforator and Visual Profiler. This topic describes how to install and use the Perforator and Visual Profiler tools in the WPF Performance Suite.

WPF Profiling tools are incredibly easy to use and offer a lot of information related to the UI.

You can use the WPF Profiling tools to identify any hard faults, high CPU/memory consumption, handle leaks etc by the UI.

You can figure out issue that any background process may be causing when the UI is run. Eg: Continuous polling that starts when UI is opened and is never closed.(which culd have been interrupt based)

You can see issues with UI elements, rendering and animations.

This link explains how to use this tool:

This tool can be used for GUI testing to benchmark performance and check various elements on the UI

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