How to Deal with a Breakup?

Oh, we Researched this thoroughly !! Citing Psychology  Research paper Romantic relationships 😀

Whether it was a bad, good, heartbreaking, you got dumped or you dumped the ugly side, cheating, distance, finance, family, habits or whatever it was, trust us on how to deal with a breakup when we ask you to do the following things :

1. Go out and Party with friends

“There’s no bliss like a party!”. A party excites all your senses, you feel livelier, happier. Do stupid things to laugh at later. Eat sleep rave repeat!

2. Start hitting on opposite gender

Healthy Flirting is the best medicine. You will feel more confident, more friendly, and more approachable. You see the goodness in others and better options available for your next fling.

3.Delete all texts, photos you have of your ex

Texts, photos etc are the strongest memory triggers. Delete! Delete! Delete! Do not go back to those moments! Deleting these visual aids cuts your bounce back time by half.

4. Get closure

Talk to your ex. Do not let anything inside that may bother you time and again. It’s OK to grieve. Talk to your friends about it. release the bundles up energy and tension surrounding the breakup and set yourself free!

5. Make New Friends

Having new friends makes you feel different. They treat you differently, you go to new places, do different things, you explore the new side of life. If you can’t make new friends easily, try to establish a new bond with old colleagues, friends.

6. Hobbies

Go back to the ‘single you’. Do things that you used to do when you were single. Rekindle your love for the hobbies you had, things you enjoyed doing alone. They ignite the spark of passion, and anxiety within you, and give you a chance to rise from the ashes.

7. Remove memory triggers. Associate them with others.

Best ways to fix broken links is to associate them with others. You had a song, dance to it with your best friend; you had a restaurant, take your friends and eat the hell out of that place!

8. Travel

Travel gives you wings! Explore the world, explore your own country. Broaden your horizons, meet new people, experience new climate, new food, new culture, a different story. See yourself grow as a person. Enjoying the Serendipity that the world provides is matched by none other.

9. Give it time

“Time is the Best Healer”. No kidding!! There’s nothing like time when it comes to getting over your ex. Be patient. You can retrospect over all the good and bad moments you lived with the relationship, laugh at yourself, laugh at how dumb you were, cherish the precious times and slowly move on appreciating the bigger, better and more mature person that you have become.

10. Stay Active

Boredom is the number 1. reason that wont let you get over your ex. You have to stop thinking!! What better way to do that then to involve yourself in other activities. go out for walks, gym, exercise, swimming, play outdoor sports, do yoga, go shopping, meet friends. If you’re not that active of a person, stay indoors, do your daily chores, play some games, read, play music, write, draw, dance, cook, design or even do some computer programming. Do something, do anything! One thing you must not do – Stay idle!

Welcome to the Flip side!!

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