How to increase traffic to your website?

1. Unique meta description

Have a unique meta description for each page. If you don’t, Google will automatically pull your site’s tag line or home page’s meta for all your pages. this can result in duplication issues.

2. Reduce duplicate content type

Add “no-follow” tags to all non important listings like categories, tags etc. Avoid adding tags, categories etc to the sitemap. This will again avoid a lot of duplicate content generated using posts and then categories and tags.

3. Sitemaps

Create a good sitemap for your site. Internal page links are as important as external links.

4. Pagination:

Improve the site pagination. An article with 2 pages should be classified as one instead of two, thus avoiding duplication.

5. Related Posts

Adding related posts does increase user engagement and reduces bounce rate. It also improves your internal links.

6. Optimize Title tags

Adding keyword rich title tags improves your rank in Google. It is also more valuable to users.

7. Adding <H1>, <H2> tags

Adding <h1>, <h2> tags gives prominence to your key words thus improving your organic search rank.

8. Image Alt tags

Adding keyword rich alt tags to images improve your search ranking for both web and images.

9. High Value external links/ Inbound links

Make sure you have external links to your site from famous and prominent websites with excellent Google rank. This way you drive traffic to your site attracting users from those sites as well as improves ranking on Google search. List your site on registries like crunch base, just dial etc etc

10. Social media

Have presence on major social media. Encourage prominent people to promote, like and share your content on their social media profiles/pages. This increases your social reach and view count.

11. Quality content

Content is King. make sure to have original unique content on your site. And make sure it’s keyword rich. Be careful to not overdo a particular keyword and focus on several terms that you think user might search when looking for your content.


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