How to protect yourself from criminals?

This article presents some of the basic techniques, skills and information needed to escape, if god forbid, you find yourself , friends or family in trouble one day. Especially for College kids who are most suited to learn these tricks and are also the most targeted and prone to several criminal attacks in today’s uncertain world. We would highly recommend going through the content at least once and sharing with your peers.

1. Evasive Driving

Don’t practice anything you see here on Public Roads!! There might come a time when you are being chased by criminals. You need to get away, get out of sight, quickly! Watch these videos to learn some tips and techniques of driving and get an idea of what you may be in for.

 Escape and Evasion Vehicle Driving techniques

Tactical driving Techniques

2. How to fire a Gun

Firing a gun ain’t as easy as it looks in the movies. 8 out of 10 first time shooters end up hurting themselves in the process. Learn the basic technique behind firing a gun.

How to Shoot a pistol

3. How to escape duct tape, handcuffs, ropes

Criminals might tie you up with handcuffs, Zip ties and ropes. See these awesome tricks to easily escape the shackles.

Escape from handcuffs, Zip ties and Duct tapes

4. Defending against Rape

Learn these basic maneuvers to escape if someone tries rape on you.

Defending Against rape

5. Protecting yourself on the Internet

Simple checks to protect yourself on the Internet from issues like identity thefts, malware, web spoofing, unsecure transaction details.

Learn to be Safe Online

6. Physical fights

If you get into a fist fight, learn how to protect yourself against chokes, headlock. Also learn to protect yourself when someone holds a gun to your head.

Defending against a front choke

Defending against a Gun to the face

7. More

Prevention is better than cure.

Learn to detect a lie

Simple Airplane survival secrets in case of a flight disaster


May the Force be with you!!

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