Learn how to cheat in an exam without getting caught

Cheating in an exam can get really innovative! There are tons of methods on how to cheat in an exam, but many would not be practical¬†depending on the type of exam you’re appearing for. Here are some low risk methods to cheat in an exam without getting caught:


Take care of:

1. Door cracks: Your teacher might be sneaking in

2.Windows: Someone might be watching

3. Hiding chits in pockets, shoes, under the desk: Some teachers like to be detectives

4. Immediately Destroy/Dispose off the evidence

5. Always look confident

6. Don’t copy word to word, teachers are also smart you know.

7. Do not carry you mobile phone. (Carry it at your own risk) If you do, make sure its password protected (and do not try to text, or search for answers on the Internet)

8. Do not panic!

How to cheat in an exam:

1. Go to the Washroom: Teachers do understand that you may want to pee at some point. respectfully ask for permission to go the washroom where you or a friend have already hidden notes, books etc. Do make sure that you don’t want to go immediately after the exam starts.

2. Get the answer sheets early and quickly discuss and write the important terms, formula’s etc before the exam starts.

3. Drop the pen, pencil, eraser, and then you can sneak up to your friend, ask them the answer, take a peek int their answer sheets etc

4. Write it down on your skin, inside your shirt, under your skirt

5. Write the question  number(using your fingers/pencil) on the back of the guy sitting in front of you and he will show you the anser by moving to a side for a while (assuming you have a prior understanding)

6. Write down answers on the eraser, pass it to your friend to write down an answer for you.

7. Carry small cheat sheets/chits and hide them safely in your pants, under your belt, inside your tie,

8. Carry a strip chewing gum like Wriggleys, write the answer inside the cover and wrap them clean

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Good Luck! ;p

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