One Plus One India Review : Over Hyped!

One Plus One India edition, Overall Rating: 8/10

When the  phone first arrived, I was awestruck by the amazing packing that it came in. Orange!! Nice coloured chords, cover for the sim tray pin, sim converter, a seperate small box for the adapter.
The phone is good but doesnt live up to the “Invite only” “CynagenMod” hype surrounding it.

Build Quality: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Micromax has pretty good competitors at a lower price range. Xiomi is another one.

Comfort: 7/10

Phone is too big for me to use with 1 hand. Lock button is annoyingly placed and I do tend to accidentally it quite frequently

Sound Quality : 9/10

Dual speakers are really loud and crisp.

Battery Life : 7/10

Pretty Ordinary for 3100mah. Just lasts through the day on moderate to heavy usage.

Screen : 7/10

Average screen.

Smoothness : 5/10
Phone does tend to lag. Asphalt 8 starts hanging withing 2 minutes. Swiping through gallery is a pain.

Heat: 4/10

Phone heats up in seconds (unlike anything i’ve ever seen). Antutu almost burnt it.

Recommended Try: Yes

Recommended Buy: Yes

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