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How Google Search Works (Including Original Research paper)

Google original Research paper by Sergey Brin and Eric Schimdt: Google Search Research Paperf Google Inside Search Page: How Search Works: History of Google Search Algorithms:


C# Coding Style Guide

// When in Rome, do as the Romans do. // Rome wasn’t built in a day. Download PDF here Layout Conventions & File Organization Use Resharper for Visual Studio to assist in code inspections, automated code refactorings, blazing...


Gathering Startup data.. because It’s Beautiful !

Gathering startup data is an important and tricky process for both investors and competitors. First of all, start writing scripts, web scrapers etc to gather data and keep it updated. Write a broken link checker. Write an update...


A list of Good QA / Testing Blogs

First of all go through this first (because humor in testing is so rare!): There are tons of blogs on the Internet claiming to be Testing Blogs but most of them provide zero good articles for any...


How to Work Smart

Focus, dedication and intelligence being the key ingredients , here’s a list of some productivity hacks that will help you work smart. 1. Start Automating 2. Learn to say ‘No’ 3. Stop Working Overtime 4. Be a Team...


What Would it Really Cost to Reduce Carbon Emissions?

What Would it Really Cost to Reduce Carbon Emissions? A new policy model suggests that United States can meaningfully reduce carbon dioxide emissions without crippling the economy by setting a stringent limit for new natural gas power plants on...


Top Tech Movies / Documentaries of all time

Here’s a list of Top Tech movies / documentaries (in no particular order) that I’m sure all computer engineers who love their jobs will love. 1.TBP AFK – The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard 2. Anonymous We are...


Mercedes AMG GT SLS

This is the car I once thought I’ll buy by 25. Plan was simple- Start a Business, work your ass off for 2-3 years and make lots of money and then buy the dream car! Nope, I’m nowhere...