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Python is a very powerful language. It is the language of the current generation of software developers specially for web-based startups. The reason is its short learning curve compared to C/C++ or even Java and faster development with python’s extensive set of libraries and frameworks.

Course Review Python tutorial for beginners on

If you want to learn python and you have some idea of programming, codecademy is an optimal start for you. It is based on a interactive learning experience. Excellent, user-friendly UI will provide you a web-based editor to code in python and execute the code there itself to see your program running. It presents you a problem and then helps you solve those problems using python with instructions shown to you.

After familiarising you with syntax of the language it presents you with exercises of increasing difficulty. Each exercise also has a ‘Stuck!Need Hint?’ drop down in case you are stuck.

The discussion forums on the site are pretty active so if you get stuck you can go and find instant hints to move ahead. You can track your progress in %age terms for the course.

The course content is sufficient to give you a good self start with the language. You can pick up some framework like Django, Pyramid, Bottle or Flask and continue learning beyond this basic course.

Overall experience of learning python here will be excellent. One of the best self learning tutorials for python is waiting for you. Do give it a try.
You have to use it to believe the simplicity and effectiveness of the teaching methodology used on this site.

About is an online platform which provides free interactive coding classes on its web-based platform. There are many other languages available to learn and new ones are being added with time: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, PHP, Ruby etc

For more details please refer to their wiki page or visit

I am a C++ programmer. I wanted to learn Python just for the sake of my own knowledge and it took me less than a week to finish the course with around 1-2 hours daily. This blog is based on my personal experience of this course. -Tech Ninja

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