Simple Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Dumping some good Marketing techniques from around the web here:

  • Press Releases:
  •  Promotion Schedule:
  •  Use Infographics:
You can use these kind of infographics to showcase how good the company is
  •  Upsell
say already working on apple watch apps, give your customers more “next step” products
  • Promote Top selling products
promote design and graphics from the best products
  • cusomter testimonisla.. happiness rating
4. increase perceived value of products… say total 1 million downloads, 10 million users  or something..
5. say clients have been funded by VC’s.. featurted in app store’s top apps, etc
6. say how many hours have been saved, how much money has been saved,
7. say something like we arent just good, we are the best.. ask our clinets..
8. say things like working on next gen products.. r&d.. blog posts on next gen tech.. continuosly updating technology.. using swift instead of objective c
9. links like check out apps that we have made (only if u have some really good ones)
10. say things like,, fastest growing mobile app dvelopment company in india.. world
11. say about repeat cusotmers.. like 40% come back
12. delivery before time..
13. quality guarantee
14. team size..
15. say that you embed analytics, feedback etc in apps for cusomers to realise the true value of their products
16. say ads have earned so much for cusotmers ie monetization. coversion rates are high.. low bounce rates..
17.showcase your development process.. ideation, definitoon, resarach, design, build, feedback.. improovize, test, deploy,, manbage, improve
18. Guerilla Marketing
  • Presentation

1. Update the Brand Logo.. make it more modern, creative, design and colours should leave an imprint in the mind. Define your brand!(using the research needed in the points below). Right now winjit has no definition.. app development company? Not enough to bag big clients!

2. Update website
  • homepage sliders are too slow and abstracted. too many items loading one after the other
  • content is amateurish. services..content does not describe what you do.. it’s boasting that you do this well. Services are uneven, not clear.. not arranged well.. services headings are not clear.
  • too much blank space
  • showcase an award winning product on homepage, or that you have 200+ apps with over 1 million downloads etc..
  • repeated content eg: homepage and winjit solutions page
  • Improve site rating
  • Site is not responsive!! ie not optimized for mobile!!
  • Poor SEO.. No one will find you on the Internet!
3. Add a monthly newsletter. EMAIL MARKETING! basic but the most effective!
4. Instead of incubation center.. create an EIR (Entrepreneur in house system).. thats the modern way.. incubations are passe..
6. Identify competition!!
7. Study these tools:
8. Add testimonials.. Ask customers to blog about you, if no NDA, negotiate contracts in a way to that customer mentions you on their web pages, apps etc. create a customer refreral incentive program
9. Social media- Improve presence on social media. Encourage employees to be on lots of soial media, linkedin, quora, facebook etc and add winjit to theoir profiles.. founders should eb angel list, tech crunch etc.
10. Get in touch with tech journalists.. Tell them about your projects. Do free/cheap projects for companies and blogs to gain free PR
11. identify and focus on a niche market, identofy your prime target cusomers (its better to be 10% of 100 million market then 1% of 1 billion market). Current strategy does not seem to focus on any market.
12. resarach and focus more on the marketing strategy that bringing you the max cusomers – advertising, direct arketing, trade fairs, PR or digital marketing . YTour real marketing plan will depend on the results
13. indentify what customers are interested in.. quality? reliability> efficiency? value for money.. send customers well designed feedback forms.. after sale customer surveys
14. ask existing cusotmers for referals.. give them referal incentives like free PR.. showcasing their products on your site, some blog (survey to ask them what they want) etc
15. Since youre serving too many verticals, different marketing startegy for different verticals is a must!! GAMING and incubation have 2 completely different startegies.
16. invest more in promoting one single product.. the best that you have! great products sell themselves
17. Show customers the value you bring to the table when they hire you.Point 13!
18. When you approach a prospective sutomer, do thorough research before hand
19. use google analytics, webmaster tools, mobile anlaytics etc
20. Add Call to action on facebook, website, apps etc
21. marketing startegy by publishing tutorials, videos, reviews etc on the web.
22. create a product brand.. like if you have a template/servce/framework that you offer to several customers, verticlas etc.. eg: uber for everything.. turn your service into  product. its easier to sell
23. Sponsor college events, if not money, then in kind.
24. identofy the size of the customer you want to serve, that will also hugely impact your marketing startegy. right now their’s chaos on the site… winjit is trying to do too many things at the same time.. aim for sustainable growth.. or separate the divisions, branch out later.
25. Content is KING!
26. depending on your products, align your marketing startegies with festivals, events etc..
27. create good easy to rememeber email ID’s
28. Check out to find the list of over 500 journalists with their contact details OR go to to identify the right journalists who can cover your app
Bad marketing can also ruin your business, so think in detail before you try to implement a startegy.

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