Startup Ideas #2 (Warning : Hardware involved)

1. Cycle run (based on temple run). Gamify and socialise the cycling experience. Combine physical aspect of cycling with the digital world. Create a community of cyclists. See Project Details here.

2. Save water by adding sensor to shower which stop water when u move away from the shower.

3. Power/water tab- detects the water or electricity u are using. and creates a playful/ informative experience in app with all the data.

4. Chess board game with magnetic stripes.. Second Player is AI Computer

5. Haptic Feedback for Virtual reality headsets like Oculus, hololens

6. Real Life Pacman, mario,  etc Digital to Physical world Eg: Pacman CS->Paintball

7. PinmyPet for Kids

8. Build for project Ara Refer Vestigen.. Integrate with Cycle run maybe for air quality

9. Device with sensor to record and visualize surrounding data.. refer pocketlab

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