Startup Ideas

A list of Startup Ideas well worth a thought

1.Modern Dear Diary


2.Website for People to find tutors for their kids

3.Big Ben twitter handle

4.App to Invest Spare chnage

refer acorns

5.Sell Art online

imitataions, replica’s, marketing staretgy- reveal paintings history, how the original was made..story behind it, sell emotions. write everything on back of  the painitngsor sell for charity.. all profits got o charity

6.App that challenges people to do stuff and post videos

can be developed with api’s for other apps to consume

7.Refer House Accounts, far fetch for Jewellery Store

8.Tasklist app that automatically sets lockscreen wallpaper with tasklist

9.Shout has a successful barter system.. replicate the model exchage console games, gifts etc

10.People Management software for Managers etc.

Automated reminders, articles eg: tpo minimize counterfactuals before an appraisal, app alert, sync with outlook, send recommendations, refer when winning feels like loosing article.

11.Location bases Gym app

It deducts $1 per day when you dont hit the gym

12.TaskRabbit in India

13.Impraise for performance reviews

14.App to post app ideas

15. Copy Camelizer chrome extension for so many other things

16.Learn to speak english fluently app

17.Express car wash chain in upcoming IT circles

18.Website for awsome Vids depending on what kind of high ur on

19.App to gauge diamonds

20.Copy Mirage and improve it

21.App to create a wallpaper with a stunning Backgroun and a quote in front

22.App to discuss startup ides. improve forums in apps.

23.Connect through wifi and play apps.

24.Namemyworld name your kids app

25.Refer patients like me for Aids portal

26.copy kaggle model for survel like company idea

Quora can be a survey company

27.Refer mystery shopper

28.Sach ka saamna app.

29.Refer threadless type tees app

30.Mobile collabration, seearticle on technology review

31.Customer loyalty app

refer rocketbills

32.give forward up

34.Matrimonial site using facebook


36.copy model

37.anonymous dating app, twine or tomo-no-tomo model for enterprise to solve UN problems

39.web diagnoistics site

40.something like and learn by seeing posts.. make ads that are words scrapboks

43.lifex-lifestyle explorer.

44.embed surveysin other applications

45.yourmechanic website that helps u run beta’s


Gamechanger media

hire musicians online

wrap it up

help a needylog the help, earn reward

48. Restroup

retaurant feedback system.. ipad app, retsarurants can ask for a Restruup!

develop api’s that can be consumed by other apps.. also buy dishup… integrate billing..

research quinto business model, mobikon and others

49.Improve and save bills/contarcts/documents online. Use scanner pro technology. Store encrypted.

51.Crowdfunding for that engineers who want to invest can invest as shareholders or some other way(need to identify and define).. crowd funding for college students projects/ideas.. see foundlr theme

52.tracxnlabs.. post ideas and ask people if they want to pursue in partnership.. better co-founder website

53.create a search engine like s4search in wordpress. Find ways to monetize it. Dont compete with google.. try to be innovative.. search algorithm is important whatever application it fits in

54. Kill conference calls! make a mobile app to make encrypted conference calls and share data

55.Credit Karma in  India and improvise

56.App for baby names with forums and people can ike and star baby names.. should have meaning, orgin , synonyms, word in other language.

57. Big data analytics for Healthcare.Identify patient readmission patterns. Predict illnesses, health status etc. Basically create a decision software to improve healthcare

58. i want these made, quirky, tracxnlabs, producthunt

59. Browser extenbsion for wishlist saving. Refer wishlistr, wishpot, amazon wishlist.. with a wishlist app..

60. Evernote for native ads including the api’s

61. Passion Planner-kickstarter.. improvise on this

62. Franchisee for Rooftop movies..private screenings

63. groovebook for India

64. Honeyfund

65. build a portal like mygola etc.. tie up with thomas cook etc when itinerary has enough backers.. design a system for people to collaborate on itinerary with price estimates

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