Startup ideas #3

1.Marketing product.. design/copy algo to give out stuff(of different value) for free in different parts of the world to drive sales. Refer: mcdonald pay with love campaign, superbowl 2014 ad

2. Job portal – Uber for recruiters +  Linkedin + Freelancer . Simplify, connect and conquer.

3. Zomato for Car/Bike Service centers

4. Cost/time/etc estimation site using WordPress flat estimation and payment forms plugin. like cost of car servicing etc

5.Marketing Product : Create a marketing campaign for client, show to influencers(who have strong following on social media), they buy campaigns and promote.Influencer ranking etc.. Strong analytics needed. refer sverve

6. Take a successful idea and turn it to ‘for kids’ etc

7. Platform to create apps(like snaplion?) specific to weddings.. make it like an invitation card.. and then post event updates, photos etc later..

8. Nobody shares social problems on FB like lost kids etc Build an app with all your facebook friends and earn reputation points.. borrow from quora design. This is not for profit. Just grow big. Help the world.

9. Send anonymous emails.. call it well wishers.. system to map and protect user data, prevent spam by blocking users etc.. create API’s to integrate with comments section, contact forms etc..

10. for graphics design and web development

11. Online portal and app to invite chef’s to cook at your house for you..  like hookah guys come toy our house

12. App/portal to deal with pain and depression. Like and koko, MIT app

13. Custom game characters. Nephew in Temple run (which I made 🙂 ), you in street fighter etc provide sdk to game developers. Budsies for india

14. Pet tracker, children tracker.

15. empower brick and mortar stores to engage signpost b2c business target

16. copy

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