Trident Iceni: World’s ‘fastest diesel sportscar’

British sportscar company, Trident has announced the launch of the Trident Iceni. The Iceni is claimed to be the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient diesel sportscar.




In Standard Specification the Trident Iceni is equipped with the following:

Engine:6.6ltr Turbo Diesel V8
Gearbox:6 Speed fully automatic
Brakes:Alcon 400mm steel vented discs at the front and 380mm steel vented discs at the rear, both with 6 pot Alcon calipers
Shock absorbers:Pro Flex fixed damper fast road shocks with Eibach springs
Power Performance:395bhp with 700lbs ft of Torque. 0-60mph 3.7sec, Top Speed: over 190mph
Interior:Tilt and Slide steering column, PAS, Air con, Electric windows. Konig K5000 G4 seats trimmed in leather and alcantara.
Entertainment:CD/DAB Receiver with MP3 and Bluetooth.
Safety: ABS, TC, Driver & Passenger Airbags.

The Iceni is also available with a choice of the following 4 upgrade packages.

Track Performance Pack
Premium Upgrade Pack
Performance Upgrade Pack
Luxury Upgrade Pack

Green credentials

All Trident Iceni models use the V8 turbo diesel engine.  Although the mineral diesel sold in every fuel station in the UK has a small percentage of Bio-diesel within its formula ( approximately 5% ) the Iceni range has been developed to run on 100% Bio-Diesel.

Bio-diesel is produced from renewable resources, especially plant biomass, vegetable oils and treated industrial waste. Bio-fuels are considered neutral with respect to the emission of carbon dioxide because the carbon dioxide given off by burning them is balanced by the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plants that are grown to produce them.

Bio-diesel is an advanced bio-fuel made from readily available, renewable resources. It is a domestic, sustainable, cleaner burning, diesel fuel replacement that meets strict quality specifications.

There are generally two types of Bio- Diesel, Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and Rapeseed Methyl Ester (RME)

RME now encompasses Linseed, Rapeseed, Olive and Palm oils. The Iceni will also run on Paraffin and Kerosene.

All these different fuels are controlled by the in car diagnostic / computer controlled systems that can sense and adjust to the various ratio’s of different types of bio-diesel.


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