Want to Learn to Code? Go to CodeAcademy!

CodeAcademy is by far the best resource for noobs that I have come across if you want to learn to code , specially for the lazy ones who often suffer from Attention deficit disorder and books or videos fail them. In their own words- Learn to code interactively, for free!

Code Academy has a very engaging environment. Tutorials and exercises on the left and compiler on the right. Each chapter has  a number of small and easy exercises for which you have to write the code(most of the code is already printed on the compiler) . They sequentially take you to the ‘not so easy’ exercises and at the end of the chapter ask you to write a code from what you have coded and learnt so far.

Each exercise also has a ‘Stuck!Need Hint?’ dropdown in case you are stuck.

You have to use it to believe the simplicity and effectiveness of the teaching methodology used on this site.

There are tons of languages available to learn:

Javascript, HTML/CSS, Python, PHP, Ruby etc

You can also choose and work on real world projects like web development and API programming.

To motivate users to participate, the site offers feedback, badges for completing exercises, as well as a function that keeps track of a user’s total score and total day streak, and displays it to others.

I’m a fan!

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