Why fall in love when you can walk into it!

The most beautiful time of your life is from teenage to early twenties. Tremendous energy to work, dream big and passion to turn these dreams into reality is all  bundled up in this awesome age! It is this time when we are developing a perspective to look at the real world. While we do all the thinking and getting guidance towards our career development, very few of us actually consider grooming the other side of our personality which is drastically changing at this time – Emotional and Physical.


While trying to be open-minded we can make mistakes of being too casual about all the changes happening within ourselves which can be pretty disturbing and hazardous. Yes , “falling in love” is what I am referring to here! It is important to learn to differentiate between love and infatuation.  It is very normal or rather natural to develop a liking for a person. Constantly wanting to talk to or being around  someone, feeling all the rush by just looking at someone; all this happens very easily at this age. And so is the urge to express all this in all the ways you can. With the adoption of the open culture that we have these days it is becoming more and more casual to express these feelings physically.


Without getting into a debate about whether this is right or wrong the thought I want to get across is this should be a conscious decision. Ask yourself questions to be sure about what you are feeling and why are you feeling that way. But to get the right answer it is important that we have a clear definition of friendship and love defined for ourselves!


Be slow to label your feelings as Love. If the feelings you have kept changing with every petty fight and end up in a break is not love. How do you actually know if your feelings have potential? Explore yourself and person you date. Look for signs….


– Do you constantly want to change something about the person you are attracted to?
– Can you live with the worst of the habits of that person?
– Are you with someone for the right reasons ?


If you have all the right answers to these questions go ahead and say you are in love. But if not then calm down and assess yourself. Take your time and walk out of anything that you feel is addiction. If you don’t it may lead to what we call the modern times ailments both physical and mental. In other words depression, low self-esteem from failed relationships, insomnia etc. The consequences can be beyond repair if you are not mentally strong.


Sometimes we are not sure of our reactions to a certain situation and while in a relation we have to be sure about a whole another person! Love is joy, don’t convince yourself that suffering is a part of it!  People say love is not a fairytale always, I say it’s a fairytale but only if it is Love! So do not rush about these decisions , take a deep breath and think “Why fall in love when you can walk into it?”


All the best. Cheers! 🙂


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