Unique LifeHacks – How to stop being a Workaholic

Being a workaholic may give you the pleasure of success for a short time, but in the long run, it can be dangerous ! Here are 13 unique Lifehacks on how to stop being a Workaholic:



1. Humour:

To keep the stress levels low, Workaholics need a lot of Humour in their lives. Always start the day with some Humour:

simplefu Workaholic blackouts

2. SmartPhone Battery:

Charge your smartphone in the night or early morning and Do Not carry the charger to the office! You are bound to come back home when the battery goes in the red.

3. Laptop Battery:

This one is not for Mac owners! When at home, do not plug-in the Laptop charger. that way you will be bound to use it only till the battery lasts. Now you can spend some time with friends and family doing so many cool things!

4. Wristwatch Alarm:

If you have a wrist watch, set an alarm for an appropriate early time as a reminder to Leave the office everyday. Works for me!

5. Gym:

Join a Gym that’s not open 24 hours. Go in the evening. It will help you stay healthy and fit. To hit the Gym everyday, you will have to leave from work early!

6. Make friends:

Discuss, chat, gossip or ‘Bakchodi’ as we call it in Hindi. Go out to eat, watch movies, attend events, comedy shows, party..etc. Enjoy the bloody life!

7. Develop ‘Bad habits’:

Like Going out Drinking, Dancing, etc. They are strictly addictive and are guaranteed to keep your mind off work.

8. Have Lunch, Dinner, Snacks with a group of friends:

Encourages you to talk more, discuss about a variety of topics, develop new habits and learn while you yearn.

9. Alone Time:

Take a walk alone, retrospect, think about life and other things.

10. Make a To Do list:

Chances are that you procrastinate a lot and miss out or delay several tasks. Create a list, keep adding daily tasks, track, and see how the list explodes in a few days. Eventually you will realize your mistake and learn to make time for so important things in life.

11. Love:

Start loving your parents, spouse/girlfriend or children more. Make more phone calls, spend more time with them at home, take them out more frequently.

12. Start Playing:

Play more! T.T, Pool, Swimming. Whatever floats your boat. Have some fun!

13. Manage better:

Manage your work. Be more efficient. Stop procrastinating. Start saying No.


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