Xbox One India Review : Over Priced!

Xbox One India Review , Overall Rating: 6/10

Ordered off and the package (Xbox one Assasins Creed bundle with Kinect and extra controller) arrived in 2 days.

Build Quality: 7/10

Overall pretty sturdy but the box is huge. Controllers don’t feel as good as the Xbox 360’s. Adapter like always is huge. Need a 15Amp Power Connection.

Price: 4/10

Too too expensive for India! Dont feel like i got the bang for the buck!

Software : 3/10

Based on Windows 8 UI. Not so refined. Feels Unfinished. Lacks a lot of features that are in the XBox 360’s UI. Some features are mostly useless like Snap.. There a noticeable lag. PS4’s UI blows it out of the water!

Graphics : 9/10

Brilliant Graphics!

Heat: 10/10

So far, No heating problems at all.

Games: 8/10

Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare > Fifa 15 > Dance Central Dance > Assasnis Creed : Blackflag > Unity > Kinect Sports Rivals

Recommended Try: Yes

Recommended Buy: No (Till the price drops to INR 30k)

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