Xiaomi MI3 : Bang for the Buck! But not a replacement for the high end smartphones!

Xiaomi MI3 , Overall Rating : 7/10

Xiaomi has tried to copy everything from Apple, no wonder they are called the Apple of China. First look- phone looks really nice, metallic, sturdy and cheap.

I’ll compare Xiaomi mi3 to the similarly priced Moto G and the next level LG G2 and will keep the price under consideration when rating.

Design: 6/10 (Too big, too weird,)

Screen : 7/10 (Despite the resolution, lacks crispness and the clarity of LG G2)

Comfort : 8/10

Feels pretty solid to hold. The grip is excellent.

Weight : 8/10

No complaints here. Could have been lighter

Battery : 9/10

Camera: 9/10

Way better then Moto G.. LG G2 is only slighly better.

Not tested thoroughly, but looks realy good so far

Performance: 6/10

Lags every now and then. Stock phone is uning 1.2 GB of memory with all apps closed.)

Touch : 8/10

Touch is good..But behind Apple and LG

Speakers: 8/10 (Loud like a typical chinese phone, lacks high end quality)

Build Quality : 7/10

Feels very solid and sturdy buy you feel the Plastic when you hold it.

Overall the phone is a pretty decent offering from Xiaomi but not worth the hype they have created. You can easily buy this instead of Moto G but LG G2 still feels so much better.

Recommended Buy : Yes

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